A lifetime experience

Finnish lapland in winter is like stepping into a fairytale. Its filled with breathtaking views which one can never get tired of.

We embarked on our journey to ivalo from delhi on a Finnair flight. Due to delays we reached ivalo 3hrs later than scheduled, but that turned out to be a boon in disguise. For just as we reached our cottages, a green streak of mesmerising northern lights were dancing across the sky. Lady Aurora welcomed us to the cottages which were to be our home for the next 4 days. The temperature on the day we arrived had dipped to the lowest of the winter season minus 33.5 and with not much of layers to protect us , we ran and settled in our cottages.

The cottages were in the middle of nowhere, on the banks of the frozen Tenojoki , the river on the border of Norway and Finland. With only 4 reindeers to keep us company, away from all the hustle bustle, in complete wilderness!

Our beds were warm and cosy but our next day was spent in adjusting to the below freezing temperatures, adding layer over layer to keep us from shivering. The sun comes up barely for 4 hours during the peak winters in Lapland. You squeeze in all that you have to do in those hours of sunlight. Snow hiking, husky rides, visiting the villages nearby,shopping everything wrapped up in those hours.

The main highlight were the long nights. With the bonfire to keep us warm and marshmallows, pancakes, wildberries to keep our tummy’s happy, we would wait for Lady Aurora to show up.

One look up at the sky, would leave you spellbound. Never have i seen so many stars together. I would rather say (with a strong conviction) that i could see the entire galaxy up there. No words can ever do justice to describe the number and the beauty of the stars spread all across the sky. I could lay down under the blanket of those stars, staring at them for hours together.

As solar winds picked up and interacted with the earth’s magnetic field, a green colour  slowly starts spreading across the horizon. Gradually, different colours of green, white and purple could be seen. Appearing, disappearing, moving, whirling, swinging. Luckily for us, Lady Aurora entertained us every night that we were there.

Just as she had welcomed us to the Finnish Lapland, she put up a spectacular show on our last day. Bidding us a farewell which we shall never forget.

Many have described the beauty of Aurora Borealis, the northern lights. But you will never completely understand it till you experience it yourself. One should, at least once in your lifetime, see this natural light show put by nature. Its by far the best memory that I have.

I would give anything to experience that beauty, peace and pure, u touched nature again!

Until then, each night that i have had the pleasure of seeing the northern lights, shall be cherished forever.


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