AmpV- How the future of electric vehicles will look like

From the beginning, it was a question whether electric motors or mechanical engines would win the race. In the beginning of 20th century, seemingly mechanical engines were winning because of the battery issues and motor issues in electric motors powered vehicles.

But, this war is now going in hands of electric motor vehicles because of the scientific development in this field is tremendous. And second fact is the depleting amount of fossil fuel. Governments of different countries have pushed the market to bring more electic vehicles. For India, the government has decided to pull most of the mechanical engine vehicle by 2030.

Consumers have 2 options to get a electric vehicle, first is to buy them and the second is to retrofit their old vehicle to an electric motor vehicle.

The first option could be costlier for some consumers, but the second option is cost efficient to them. Retrofitting is simply putting an electric motor and battery in place of mechanical components. This process hardly take 4 hours to complete.

In just less than 4 house a consumer can have new electric vehicle putting upto 60% less money than buying a new one. AmpV is a project by students of Army Institute of Technology, Pune. It is focused on retrofitting vehicles, AmpV has successfully made a electric vehicle and did it’s testing.

AmpV is focused to provide retrofitted electric vehicle in best quality and least possible costs. Customer have to give AmpV their vehicle and in less than ₹35,000 the customers can have a brand new electric vehicle.



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